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  • Carey Clayton: Meditative yet Pulsing, Textural yet Driving, Future Americana music
  • Chad Lawson: Multi-award winning pianist and composer who is not afraid to put his hat in anything
  • Chris Field: Music in the Twenty-First Century, a hybrid blend of classical and ambient music
  • DAC Crowell: deeply ambient new music
  • Dave Preston: intense ambient guitar over a sonic kaleidoscope
  • Dr Sounds: spacey ambient/dark new age
  • Emavision: the sound of trees falling between East n' West
  • Gopal: lend your heart to the dilruba
  • Hector Mukomol: ambient travels through a personal universe
  • Jamie Janover: innovative hammered dulcimer
  • Kalyan and Sambodhi Prem: Celebrating the Sound of the Cello
  • Kinky Atoms: blue tunes, with experimental electro-gloom
  • Mogilalia: surrealist, modern classical ambient with tranquil trascendence
  • Piotr Janeczek: atmospheric, infinite spaces and ethereal worlds
  • Rejuvenescence: soothing meditation music.
  • Diana Rowan: a harpist of unusual power and beauty
  • Sambodhi Prem: reflections of the moon in music
  • Satori: healing, meditative ambient new age
  • Solar Theory: sound meditations unifying deeply mesmerizing vocals with electronic soundscapes
  • Tilopa: healing magic of the japanese zenflute

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