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  • Anamar: songs with a Latin and Afro mood, blended with Tango, Milonga, Morna, Rumba, Habanera
  • Askold Buk: guitar-driven, groove-oriented feel-good jazz/r&b tunes
  • Breaker: grit, guts, gall and Granite
  • Chiwawa: He who sings thinks no evil
  • Ceremony of Darkness: Step into the darkness and surround yourself in intense rock
  • Rob Costlow: melodic piano pieces
  • David Augustin: Soundtracks to accompany 'interesting times'
  • Diometrix: ambient post-rock from the cold heart of Siberia
  • DJ Cary: chill out compilations built from Magnatune music
  • Ernesto Schnack: solo guitar and other madness
  • Ghost of Maine: finely crafted metalwork
  • Heavy Mellow: relaxing acoustic guitar duets
  • Jambedaem: modern original jazz from Austria
  • Joel Bruce Wallach: magical, heart inspiring music
  • Kristian Taus: Collections of melancholic and minimalistic soundscapes
  • MRDC: eclectic electro-garage with soulful singing
  • Marko Nouwens: classical piano sonatinas for students
  • Robert Otto: Ambient Electronic and Neoclassical Soundscapes
  • Swivel Neck Jones: underwater electronic soundscapes
  • Zilla: live, improvised electronica

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