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10 songs:

  • "Morning Mood Interlude" from "Weirdos and Classics" by Daniel Bautista
  • "Mood Swingage" from "The Disk Platter Spins" by Industrial Sound Bank
  • "The Mood" from "Breath of Times" by Olexa Kabanov
  • "Mood" from "Movements" by Kristian Taus
  • "Mood Swing" from "Chasing Time" by Marcos H Bolanos
  • "Mood Swing" from "The Promise Highway" by Mark Cook
  • "Mood Of The Month" from "More Than Today" by Robin Grey
  • "Strange Mood" from "In Vitro I" by Roe
  • "Catherines Mood" from "Eastern Expressions 3 - Asahi" by Ruben van Rompaey
  • "Catherine's Mood" from "Jade (best of more than 10 years of Eastern Expressions)" by Ruben van Rompaey

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