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17 artists:

  • Jeff Wahl: acoustic new age and jazz guitar.
  • Joe Palese: New age guitar based jazz
  • Satori: healing, meditative ambient new age
  • Howard Ferre: Ambient, new age, neoclassical, jazz
  • Beth Quist: electro-Balkan / Indian meets New Age.
  • Dr Sounds: spacey ambient/dark new age
  • Sasha Merkulov: Ethnic New Age, Groove, Meditation, Sitar, Ambient
  • Michael Murphy: Melodic New Age music that tells a story
  • Jesse Manno: middle eastern/balkan music and new age
  • Ehren Starks: piano and cello/jazzy new age
  • Carlos Schwarz: passionate, evocative, and captivating new age
  • Nightfall Project: spiritual new age for today's world
  • Margaret Maria Tobolowska: Sweeping new age cello
  • Cari Live: thoughtful expressions through intelligent new age
  • Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music
  • Hans Christian: new age meets Indian cello
  • Crowander: beautiful instrumental music spanning New Age, Electronica and Pop/Rock

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