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  • Atomic Opera: progressive world-influenced hard rock.
  • Capital Sons: Heart on our sleeves Rock and Roll.
  • Cobb Bussinger: Melodic, passionate, introspective and transcendent journeys to the heart
  • Commusicare: musical conversation from the Renaissance to the Baroque
  • Craig Hanson: exquisitely moving Baroque organ music
  • Da Camera: Celtic Renaissance/Baroque Ensemble
  • Dr Kuch: Fun electro-poppy dance up and down tempo chill out
  • Ehren Starks: piano and cello/jazzy new age
  • Les Filles de Sainte Colombe: viol & harpsichord music
  • future_former: deeply relaxing, inspirational electronica in a style somewhere in-between Schiller, Vangelis and Enigma
  • George Clifford: Lutes and early guitars
  • Harper's Hamper: well loved and lesser known British carols for the festive season, performed with single voices and instruments
  • Howard Ferre: Ambient, new age, neoclassical, jazz
  • Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Colm Carey: dazzling and luminous duo performances of Bach
  • Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Iain Simcock: brilliant Baroque masterpieces in virtuoso style
  • Joachim Heimbaecher: Mysterious, smooth and elegant piano
  • Phebe Craig and Katherine Westine: harpsichord duets
  • Louis Larouche: Baroque works on trumpet
  • Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks: virtuoso viola da gamba
  • MonkeyTrial: detailed ambient soundscapes - guitars and electronica with an edge
  • Oberlin Consort of Viols: renaissance viol music
  • Orinda: French renaissance songs
  • Ou: lively Sardinian/italian World music sextet from Rome
  • Paul Boehnke: Heartfelt music for harpsichord
  • Poeticall Musicke: Late Renaissance and Early Baroque music, historically performed
  • Robin Grey: gently experimental nu-folk
  • Telemann Trio Berlin: Skillfully balanced chamber music
  • William Brooks: Entrancing and Ruggedly Individualistic, Earthy and Ethereal Songs
  • Arthur Yoria: catchy, whip smart alt-rock
  • Zephyrus: Early Music vocal ensemble

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