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18 albums:

  • "Romantic Piano - R and R" by Alan Marchand
  • "Zirkus - Step Inside - Piano Music of Robert Schumann" by Cary Chow
  • "The Chopin Variations (on piano, violin and cello)" by Chad Lawson
  • "A Solo Piano Christmas" by Chad Lawson
  • "The Piano" by Chad Lawson
  • "Zen and the Piano" by Kourosh Dini
  • "Chopin Preludes for Piano" by Eric Zivian
  • "24 Preludes for Solo Piano" by Jan Hanford
  • "Fugitive Visions - Piano Masterworks by Chopin and Liszt" by Ivan Ilic
  • "Passions and Fantasies for Solo Piano" by Joel Bruce Wallach
  • "Piano Colors" by Joachim Heimbaecher
  • "Cinematic Piano Works Vol 1" by Jarkko Hietanen
  • "Clementi, Dussek, Kuhlau - Sonatinas For Piano" by Marko Nouwens
  • "Classical Themes for Clarinet and Piano" by Romualdo Barone
  • "Famous Pieces for Clarinet and Piano" by Romualdo Barone
  • "Two Romantic Piano Trios by Women Composers" by Streicher Trio
  • "Beethoven Piano and Cello Works" by Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian
  • "Piano Works" by Tuskle

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