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  • "The Queen's Alman" from "The Melodious Birde - Keyboard Music By William Byrd" by Colin Booth
  • "Vaseline for the Vomit Queen" from "The End of the Beginning" by Cancer Killing Gemini
  • "Vaseline for the Vomit Queen (instrumental)" from "The End of the Beginning Instrumental" by Cancer Killing Gemini
  • "The Fairy Queen (Carolan Five Tunes by the Irish Harper)" from "A Celtic Celebration" by Da Camera
  • "Queen Bee" from "The Art Of Buzzing" by Werner Durand
  • "Queen Elizabeth's Galliard (John Dowland)" from "Dowland on 8 String Guitar" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Lemurian Queen In Prayer" from "In Moonlight" by Joel Bruce Wallach
  • "Mermaid Queen Is Dreaming" from "Passions and Fantasies for Solo Piano" by Joel Bruce Wallach
  • "Queen of the Underground" from "River Of Days" by Michael Joy
  • "Mary the Village Queen" from "Parlour Cornet Solos" by Julia Findon
  • "The Fairy Queen" from "Farewell I" by Poeticall Musicke
  • "Sad I Could Have Made You Queen Of The Seas" from "The Cure for Chaos Theory" by Psycliq
  • "Queen mab" from "Romeo and Juliet" by SJ Pettersson
  • "The Black Queen" from "Petals of Yellow Fire" by Matt van den Heuvel
  • "The Queen's Finest Ship" from "Land and Water" by Philipp Weigl
  • "Snow Queen" from "Peaceful Planet" by Kourosh Zolani

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