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  • Almaghrib: Relaxed pop and reggae music made in Italy
  • Ash Ganley: masterfully nuanced AAA rock
  • Burning Babylon: Super fine dub
  • Beat Under Control: jazz/dub intense electro funk
  • Blue Wave Theory: high-energy surf-inspired instrumental rock
  • Brigitte Meuwsen: positive vibe electro pop
  • The Celtic Reggae Revolution: Saint Patrick was Jamaican! Reggae's Irish Connections
  • Chad Farran: an impressive journey through Latin rhythms and moves
  • Connor B Fitz: a one man indie project - half shy romantic hermit, half loud obnoxious rocker
  • Conway Hambone: Multi-genre instrumental and vocal conquests made with love and fuzz
  • Eliyahu Sills: cross-cultural grooves
  • Funkinchely: Experimental Funk with hints of exotic beats and world grooves
  • Hollywood Drunks: a swirling vortex of Rock, Funk, Rap,and Alternative
  • iNTROSPEKT: intelligent, varied, beat-driven electronica.
  • Kalotone: Melodic Dubstep and Heavy Electronic Stimulation
  • Kenji Williams: ambient/IDM with a dash of dub
  • Kiwi: world roots soul music
  • The Lost Mode: medieval music meets living modal music traditions
  • Matt Rusin: Experimental Electro Blues at its Finest
  • The Raindoggs: beat-heavy, darkened mix of R'n'B and Soul
  • Ras Tilo: dub, reggae, hip hop and world music from the heart
  • Soundami: a tsunami of high energy electronic sound
  • Super Hi-Fi: Trombone-fueled hard Afro-Dub from Brooklyn!
  • Svara: New music from the whole world
  • Ty Gibson: The Spirit and Soul of A Woman!
  • Version: Electro-Reggae-Blues.
  • Wavebuffet: jazzy eclectic and elegant dancefloor friendly electronica
  • Wet City Rockers: rootsy, dubby, Reggae sounds from the rainy city

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