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  • Magnatune: a typically unusual mix of genres
  • Magnatune: six new albums
  • funk, harpsichord, pop/reggae, ambient
  • Magnatune: electrochill, choral Americana, grungy rock & more
  • Cello, Beats, Rock & New Age
  • Magnatune: now in the espresso coffee business
  • 5/29: Mystick Crock, Maurice &co, Jake Bradford Sharp, Dubmaster Conte, Cozmikbeats
  • Magnatune: five new albums for 2015
  • pop/reggae/dub/jazz/atmospheric
  • Magnatune: nufolk, Israeli altworld, folkmix, babyedge
  • Oh you crazy, beautiful summer
  • Magnatune: lute, hard rock, reggae, rock
  • Mokhov, Mogilalia, Maurice and the Beejays, Tom Paul
  • chill, elating, fuzzy
  • beautiful instrumental, dub, nujazz, lush acoustic guitar
  • New Magnatune Music For The Summer Heat
  • world flute, pianoforte, Jazzy kaleidoscopes, beats
  • Reggae, Dark pop, Loungey, Trip-hop
  • Magnatune: Chopin, deep electro, wood & rock
  • Magnatune box of all sorts

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