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  • Bindi Society: Power Harp, Other-Worldly Vocals and Global Percussion
  • Briddes Roune: 13th century medieval English songs
  • Cary Chow: virtuoso piano
  • Harper's Hamper: well loved and lesser known British carols for the festive season, performed with single voices and instruments
  • Jacob Heringman: renaissance lute
  • Hwy E: excellent new school feeling hip-hop
  • James Akers: Lively, refined lute playing and questing musicianship
  • Mystified: mysterious, hypnotic, lovely, drones
  • Panacea: Eastern and Western European folk music.
  • Pellingmans' Saraband: viol and lute duo
  • Robin Grey: gently experimental nu-folk
  • Robin Stine: jazzy, bluesy numbers that immediately sound like comfortable standards
  • Rossignol: spare and lyrical medieval troubadour songs
  • Sulis: heavenly, healing, early music

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