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13 songs:

  • "Robin Hood Is Currently Unavailable" from "Architects of Time" by Ben Rusch
  • "Ah Robin (William Cornish c1520)" from "I sing of a maiden that matchless is" by English Ayres
  • "Robin (John Dowland)" from "Dowland on 8 String Guitar" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Rantin' Rovin' Robin" from "A Celebration of Robert Burns" by Shira Kammen
  • "Robin Returning" from "Cinema of Dreams" by Hans Christian
  • "Robin Reddocke (anon)" from "Blame Not My Lute" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Robin Hoode (anon)" from "Blame Not My Lute" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Robin is to the Greene wood Gonn (anon Folger Dowland MS - John Dowland)" from "Siena Lute Book" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Dou Way Robin:Gavottes" from "The Lost Mode" by The Lost Mode
  • "Veni Mater Gracie - Dou Way Robin" from "Gabriels Message - Festive Music From Medieval England" by Mediva
  • "Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone (John Dowland (1563-1626))" from "Division-Musick" by Pellingmans' Saraband
  • "Estampie :Dou Way Robin:" from "Honey From The Thorn" by Tim Rayborn
  • "Bonny Sweet Robin (10 For The 10 Commandments)" from "Ragged, Rent and Torn" by Shira Kammen

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