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  • "I Will Be Sad" from "Birthing Chair Blues" by Amy Denio
  • "Sad Song" from "The Cat's Whiskers" by Geoff Cawthorn
  • "You Call That Sad" from "Acoustic Levitation" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Memories In Your Beautiful Sad Eyes" from "Passions and Fantasies for Solo Piano" by Joel Bruce Wallach
  • "Om Asatoma Sad Gamaya-Beth Quist" from "Eastern Grooves" by DJ Cary
  • "Beth Quist- Om Asatoma Sad Gamaya" from "World Fusion" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "Sad Seas" from "The Orchestral Master" by Matthew E Sargent
  • "Elephant Sings a Sad Song" from "His Martian Flying Cobra" by Maurice and the Beejays
  • "Sad I Could Have Made You Queen Of The Seas" from "The Cure for Chaos Theory" by Psycliq
  • "Om Asatoma Sad Gamaya" from "Silver" by Beth Quist
  • "Sad Logic" from "Dive Volume 1" by Sandeep Bhandari
  • "Sad hours seem long" from "Romeo and Juliet" by SJ Pettersson
  • "Sad Moon Eyes" from "Sad Moon Eyes" by Slouching Stars
  • "Sad world" from "Mother Earth" by Windpearl

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