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  • Simone Angele and Amir Kalhor: Classical styles of India and Persia and Oriental Fusion
  • Anup: electro Indian sitar
  • Abbas Premjee: A fusion of rock and jazz from the East and the West that brings minds, hearts and souls together
  • Art Sonic: acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric Americana
  • Capital Sons: Heart on our sleeves Rock and Roll.
  • Dubtrak: unique blends of dub, global beats and downtempo ambient electronica
  • Fernwood: Music played by hand on instruments made of wood
  • Intersonic Subformation: Deep Space auditory exploration as seen through a prism of primeval human emotions
  • Olexa Kabanov: strings slowly plucked from the soul
  • Jay Kishor: Music without preservatives
  • Middle-Earth Ensemble: sultry and percussive Mid-East fusion
  • Sasha Merkulov: Ethnic New Age, Groove, Meditation, Sitar, Ambient
  • Suchitra Lata: Swirling Chillout, Ambient, World, Progressive Pop, Indian classical veena and much more in between
  • Trevor and the Joneses: punk, alternative and garage hard rock for some serious headbanging
  • Zilla: live, improvised electronica

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