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  • Harlan Williams: beautiful dark and airy guitar compositions
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs: punk rock to blow your head off
  • Jacob Heringman: renaissance lute
  • Ben Rusch: Unique to the power of twenty-two (so far...)
  • iNTROSPEKT: intelligent, varied, beat-driven electronica.
  • Burnshee Thornside: funny, funky blues
  • Spoons: retro 80's upbeat danceable music
  • Chad Lawson: Multi-award winning pianist and composer who is not afraid to put his hat in anything
  • Trip Wamsley: Atmospheric Jazz bass
  • Firesphere: Big epic dark heavy and soul shaking
  • Rossignol: spare and lyrical medieval troubadour songs
  • Dave Preston: intense ambient guitar over a sonic kaleidoscope
  • Mandrake Root: classic progressive hard rock with catchy riffs
  • Johnny House: Electronic Phantasmagoria, Salvation through Synthesis
  • Park St Trio: Catchy, melodic jazz for all occasions
  • Bluesboy Jag: authentic 1920's solo blues guitar
  • Daria: Music to inspire all the World's children
  • chILL: grunge driven rock mixed with modern metal
  • Harper's Hamper: well loved and lesser known British carols for the festive season, performed with single voices and instruments
  • Ceremony of Darkness: Step into the darkness and surround yourself in intense rock

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