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  • Magnatune's Music Licensing Clients
  • Pump Audio and Magnatune Partner to Offer Expanded Licensing and Distribution for Independent Artists
  • Magnatune co-sponsors Remix Culture Symposium in the United Kingdom
  • 4 new albums at Magnatune
  • A new instrument called the Hang, Ambient, New Age and new rock
  • Magnatune: celebrating independence
  • Magnatune: six new albums
  • Magnatune: boogie with fate
  • Magnatune: classical, ambient, world, alt rock
  • Oh you crazy, beautiful summer
  • Modern ragtime, guitar based soundtracks, ambient, rock
  • modern ragtime, piano, ambient, beat oriented electronic
  • Magnatune: downtempo, folk, Catalan early music, jazz guitar
  • Magnatune: Indian pop fusion, flute age, harp, groovy jazz
  • Magnatune: new classical, bop & blues, retrofuturistic
  • Magnatune: downtempo, folk, Catalan early music, jazz guitar
  • Magnatune: sax, funk, Bach, laid-back
  • New Magnatune Music For The Summer Heat
  • Magnatune: brave sounds
  • Magnatune: seven new albums
  • Magnatune: Beethoven, Irish, Folk, Chill
  • 4 new albums at Magnatune
  • 5 new albums at Magnatune
  • Magnatune: classical, jazz, ambient, world
  • Attix Trax, Moyer, Liquid Rainbow, the Rapture
  • Magnatune: Chopin, deep electro, wood & rock

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