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  • "Inner Space" from "Inner Space (Karmatherapy)" by Angelight
  • "Takeda Lullaby Inner Space" from "Beautiful Earth" by Bella Gaia
  • "14 Space 1" from "Hyphen" by Braindouche
  • "Instant Space Orchestra" from "Hyphen" by Braindouche
  • "The Space Needle" from "Someday You Will Be Proven Correct" by Caustic Casanova
  • "Space Crash" from "Ultimate Station" by Curl
  • "Within This Space" from "Within This Space" by DAC Crowell
  • "The Space Train" from "The Journey" by Dejan Ilijic
  • "The Return of the Space Brothers" from "All the Days Have Gone Away" by Firehead Jerry
  • "Echo Space Tinker Toy" from "The Disk Platter Spins" by Industrial Sound Bank
  • "Gliding Through the Interstellar Space" from "Into the Void" by Intersonic Subformation
  • "The Currents of Space" from "The Gates of Dawn" by Ishwish
  • "Space Donkey" from "Marbles" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Space Odyssey" from "Datacube" by Jarkko Hietanen
  • "Space Mining" from "Datacube" by Jarkko Hietanen
  • "Leaving Space" from "Cello Circles" by Kalyan and Sambodhi Prem
  • "Space Jockey" from "Spaghetti Western" by LehtMoJoe
  • "Space Mother" from "8 x 8" by Liquid Rainbow
  • "Space Mother Dub" from "8 x 8" by Liquid Rainbow
  • "Space Mother (live)" from "The Yellow EP" by Liquid Rainbow
  • "The Space of Love" from "Motherland" by Toni Castells
  • "Your Sacred Space" from "Lunar Ecstasy" by Mountain Mirrors
  • "Extended Space (Mystical)" from "Difference" by Mystic Crock
  • "Altered Space" from "Lymph" by Nuform
  • "Come space" from "Insomnia" by Processor
  • "Negative Space" from "halt" by Psycliq
  • "This Space is Inhabited" from "Poetry of the Unnamed" by Rildrim
  • "Folded Space" from "Bestiary" by Robert Rich
  • "A Space Without Clouds" from "Rose Water Moon" by Sambodhi Prem
  • "Space of Light" from "Space of Light" by Satori
  • "This Space" from "Race The Sun" by Solar Theory
  • "Grace in Space" from "Step Off" by Stargarden
  • "Space Drugs" from "Are You Out There" by Sterling
  • "Inner Space" from "Beginning of a Journey" by Yumi Kurosawa

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