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  • Amoeba: cinematic pop-ambient
  • Chad Lawson: Multi-award winning pianist and composer who is not afraid to put his hat in anything
  • Duo Chambure: Spanish renaissance vihuela duets
  • Chambure Vihuela Quartet: Dance music and songs of Renaissance Spain
  • Dayazell: ancient and traditional world music
  • Eric Kamen: Urban Flamenco
  • Eduardo Figueroa and Oscar Ohlsen: Chilean baroque guitar duo
  • Ivan Ilic: dazzling classical pianist
  • In Nova Cantica: carols and chansons from the 13th - 17th Centuries for dancing, festivities and mayhem
  • Jennifer Lane: rare cantatas and arias by Handel
  • Kathleen McIntosh: delicious harpsichord rarities
  • Lara St John: Bach violin concertos
  • Magic Carpet: discover a rich tapestry of world grooves
  • Marcos H Bolanos: atmospheric, instrumental soundtracks for daydreaming
  • Edward Martin and Thomas Walker: French lute duets that represent the pinnacle of the High Baroque
  • Toni Castells: Puccini meets Sigur Rós
  • Mundi: Early music meets global folk at the Penguin Café
  • Orinda: French renaissance songs
  • Ras Tilo: dub, reggae, hip hop and world music from the heart
  • La Reverie: Recreating traditional music from a modern perspective
  • Rildrim: electronic music becomes poetry
  • Toni Iniguez: classical guitar and Nature
  • Tomas Lozano: highly melodic and structured sweet music
  • Urban Response: Funky Urban Tropical Electro Trip-Hop from Brazil
  • Valter Carignano and Michela Varda: Italian songs on poems of Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • Vate: urban electronic music
  • Viviana Guzman: virtuosic flutist
  • Viva La Pepa: Spanish, Sephardic and French traditions served on a bed of drones
  • Wavebuffet: jazzy eclectic and elegant dancefloor friendly electronica

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