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  • Arphaus: aficionado of deep house, IDM and ABBA
  • Art Sonic: acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric Americana
  • Aryeh Frankfurter: Timeless and enchanting folk music for the soul
  • Jerry Berlongieri: slightly skewed techno and oddball trance
  • Cari Live: thoughtful expressions through intelligent new age
  • Domased: old school trance.
  • Eight Gates: charming folk pop/rock with a hint of electronica opening the gates to the land of the fairies
  • Eliyahu Sills: cross-cultural grooves
  • Evgeny Bardyuzha: Russian electronica using breaks, atmosphere and chillout
  • Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne: Two Worlds, One Music
  • future_former: deeply relaxing, inspirational electronica in a style somewhere in-between Schiller, Vangelis and Enigma
  • The Great Mooklaa Herashaa: breaking down the doors to heavy industrial, electronica and even pop
  • Industrial Sound Bank: the sounds that shake the masses
  • Intersonic Subformation: Deep Space auditory exploration as seen through a prism of primeval human emotions
  • Kenji Williams: ambient/IDM with a dash of dub
  • DJ Markitos: happy trance
  • Memories of Tomorrow: melodic trance songs for a good mood.
  • Piotr Janeczek: atmospheric, infinite spaces and ethereal worlds
  • prettyhowtown: playful, melodic, hand-made ambient electronic music
  • Solar Cycle: a summer cocktail of Chill out, Electronica and Ambient
  • Soundami: a tsunami of high energy electronic sound
  • Sterling: sublime and ethereal electronic music
  • Tokee: dark ambient with an alchemical twist
  • To Life!: Music as a journey through tribal landscapes, rhythmic dance, hypnotic trance.
  • Wicked boy: a wicked mix of ambient/jungle/trash trance
  • Zilla: live, improvised electronica

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