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  • Collection Get: jazz vocalist + sad robot = indie pop

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  • "Sad Moon Eyes" by Slouching Stars

    14 songs:

  • "I Will Be Sad" from "Birthing Chair Blues" by Amy Denio
  • "Sad Song" from "The Cat's Whiskers" by Geoff Cawthorn
  • "You Call That Sad" from "Acoustic Levitation" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Memories In Your Beautiful Sad Eyes" from "Passions and Fantasies for Solo Piano" by Joel Bruce Wallach
  • "Om Asatoma Sad Gamaya-Beth Quist" from "Eastern Grooves" by DJ Cary
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  • Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Contemporary Piano
  • Daydreaming
  • Classical Piano
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  • Sad

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  • Ceremony of Darkness: Step into the darkness and surround yourself in intense rock
  • Jacob Heringman: renaissance lute
  • Shino: pure soulful and raw acoustic songwriter
  • Slouching Stars: Charming indie rock from the pioneers of San Francisco's Noise Pop scene
  • Tiny Little Blackouts: dreamy, slightly mournful indie pop

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  • Magnatune: Amy Denio's avant-rock, classical guitar, crooner jazz, hybrid ambient
  • new age, alt rock & electronica
  • Magnatune: electrochill, choral Americana, grungy rock & more
  • Cello explorations, electro-chill, renaissance lute, energetic electro-rock
  • Magnatune: new albums for the new year
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