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5 artists:

  • Paul Avgerinos: beautiful ambient space music
  • Intersonic Subformation: Deep Space auditory exploration as seen through a prism of primeval human emotions
  • SkinMechanix: richly textured space synth
  • Sundowner: shape-shifting space rock sound of vast drifting guitar-scapes
  • Williamson: instrumental electronic space pop

    8 albums:

  • "Inner Space (Karmatherapy)" by Angelight
  • "Tantrabeats 1 - The Space of the Body" by Angelight
  • "Tantrabeats 2 - The Space of the Soul" by Angelight
  • "Space Flute" by Cari Live
  • "The Space Between" by Chad Lawson
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    48 songs:

  • "Running Out of Space" from "More Time Than Ever" by 4oresight
  • "Inner Space" from "Inner Space (Karmatherapy)" by Angelight
  • "Takeda Lullaby Inner Space" from "Beautiful Earth" by Bella Gaia
  • "14 Space 1" from "Hyphen" by Braindouche
  • "Instant Space Orchestra" from "Hyphen" by Braindouche
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    32 collections:

  • House
  • Chillout
  • Spa and relaxation
  • Massage
  • Space Music
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    43 matches in artist bios:

  • Antonio Ciacca Quartet: Jazz played with earthiness, fire and intellect
  • Adriano Fontana: a trip with woodwinds and strings
  • Alex McCartney: Reflective, historically-informed performance on the lute
  • Art Sonic: acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric Americana
  • Aryeh Frankfurter: Timeless and enchanting folk music for the soul
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  • License music from Magnatune
  • Music Licensing at Magnatune
  • Magnatune: renaissance gamba, new age cello & guitar, pop, ambient
  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
  • surf-inspired instrumental rock, music for world minds, deep house
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