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2 artists:

  • Duo Chambure: Spanish renaissance vihuela duets
  • Viva La Pepa: Spanish, Sephardic and French traditions served on a bed of drones

    2 albums:

  • "Spanish Recital" by Alan Rinehart
  • "Josep i Maria (Spanish and Catalan Folksongs and Villancicos for Christmas)" by Galliarda

    28 songs:

  • "Spanish Banks" from "Crow" by Norine Braun
  • "Sensual Spanish Waltz" from "Sonic Graffiti" by Ben Rusch
  • "Spanish brass - fury" from "The Art of Not Blending In" by Burnshee Thornside
  • "Spanish Dance no 2 (Oriental) (Enrique Granados)" from "Colors of Spain" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Spanish Dance no 4 (Villanesca) (Enrique Granados)" from "Colors of Spain" by Daniel Estrem
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    47 collections:

  • Composer: Alonso Mudarra
  • Composer: Dionisio Aguado
  • Composer: Fernando Sor
  • Composer: Francisco Tarrega
  • Composer: Gaspar Sanz
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    1 mood:

  • Spanish mood or spanish language

    25 matches in artist bios:

  • Alan Rinehart: A feast of Renaissance and Baroque music
  • Almer and Nirvan: soulful Balkan duo featuring acoustic guitars and voice
  • Castle Pines: easy-to-listen-to pop rock with a fresh attitude
  • Chambure Vihuela Quartet: Dance music and songs of Renaissance Spain
  • Daria: Music to inspire all the World's children
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  • Magnatune: five new albums
  • Magnatune: Dowland, world jazz, house, fingerstyle guitar
  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
  • Magnatune: Amy Denio's avant-rock, classical guitar, crooner jazz, hybrid ambient
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